In different public and private places (coliseums, auditoriums, malls)
I propose to create a huge monument to The Earth with
“clean garbage” (packages, useless objects, ..)
carried for kids and people who collected them at home, schools, works and so.
I propose to Create an art sculpture with clean garbage

I propose you to start doing this right now at home,
inviting your family, friends, school, university, neighborhood
or closer community to join this activity.
I propose you to join us
creating the sculpture
at the
40th Earth Day Anniversary
I propose you to be the parent of this idea in your hometown
Finishing the exhibitions the Clean Garbage will be recycled, Creating a small business recycling project or given (or sold) to a business existent. Specific New Recycling Art Small Business
Feeds in kids, the Earth future ……………. Families and communities